Hello and welcome!

In spring 2021, I plan to publish one post every three weeks. Here are my goal publication dates for this blog:

  1. Sunday 4/11/2021 by 9pm: Grade for Equity: Self-Exploration Practices
  2. Sunday 5/2/2021 by 9pm: Power to the Students
  3. Sunday 5/23/2021 by 9pm: Grade for Equity: Equitable Classroom Policies
  4. Sunday 6/13/2021 by 9pm: Grade for Equity: Transform the System
  5. Sunday 7/13/2021 by 9pm: TBD

In terms of the mission of this blog, my work is dedicated to the next generation of college educators. I have a few goals in my writing:

  1. Guide undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn more about building a career in college teaching.
  2. Empower my readers to develop an equity-minded approach to teaching and learning.
  3. Provide insights into how to get hired for a full-time teaching job as an equity-minded instructor.
  4. Show how to set a foundation for life-long professional growth and development.

Throughout my writing, I put a special focus on community colleges since these institutions often offer students a better educational experience during the first two years at a substantially lower cost. I hope to inspire, encourage, and empower any reader who has a strong interest in building a career in college education.